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Recycling Equipment

Equipment purchases or rentals secured through Jepco supply substantial business value across your entire operation. As you environmental partner, you can trust Jepco’s expertise to recommend fully integrated equipment solutions toward securing the maximum recycling rebates.

Recycle Balers

dark blue baler

Vertical Balers

Vertical Balers take up less floor space and are easy to operate.

horizontal baler

Horizontal Balers

When you have tons of material this is a viable option.

Recycle Compactors

Self Contained Compactors

The compactor body and container join to form one seamless unit. The entire unit is taken to the landfill to store and transport your waste.

Stationary Compactors

Stationary compactors are typically paired with 40 cubic yards receiver containers. When taken to the landfill, only the container is removed from the location.

Vertical Compactors

Vertical compactors deliver quick compaction speed, provide extraordinary efficiency, save space on the property, and have outstanding compaction ratios.