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Commercial Recycling Consulting

By securing Jepco Recycling Resources, waste diversion efforts earn higher rebates and become even more strategic toward meeting sustainability goals or metrics.

Waste Audit Facilitation Services

Jepco can act as the Recycling Coordinator to completely run your program including supplying containers, scheduling pickups, and even handle maintenance on waste equipment.

  • Improved Diversion Ratios
  • Overcome waste stream challenges and captures rebate opportunities
  • Create dense high-quality recyclable quantities for market
  • Identify local and state laws, executive orders and policies on waste prevention and recycling
  • In-depth hauling cost analysis

Working cooperatively with Jepco will allow you to explicitly outline the potential savings for the facility.

When partnering with Jepco Commercial Recycling Consulting, we will aggressively negotiate and secure rates dependent on weight, volume, or a fixed rate for you.

Jepco Recycling Resources implements sustainable solutions

  • Cafeteria waste diversion
  • Certificates of proper destruction and recycling processes
  • Closed loop recycling strategies
  • Mill pricing
  • Ongoing reporting and tracking for benchmarking
  • Right-sizing equipment while maximizing ROI and recycling rebate
  • Thermal compaction

We understand the importance of recycling to the local economy as well as the global trade market.